After a two-year hiatus, Incognito is finally back to deliver their 28th edition of the classic magazine in an extended 116-pages edition. Buy the issue here:

The special features include four writers from different corners of the style spectrum, covering bombing, trains or progressive graffiti styles. First up is the wholecar madman Mates, flexing muscles with stylish pieces on German steel in a massive eighteen (!) pages feature. Next up is the Scandinavian style king by the alias of Kalla sharing an extensive feature filled to the brim with a heavy stack of stand-out heaters. After that we have a raw and gritty in-depth feature by the ruff bomber Jqsee, packed with trucks, rooftops and street styles.
Last but not least, Spoon93 – Sharing thoughts and a cocktail unconventional graffiti styles on trains made with spray and brushes (!). As if this wasn’t enough, there is of course also the classic “mixed sections” filled with a well curated mix of the best recent contemporary styles from around the globe. Incognito Magazine never seem to disappoint, and this one is no exception. We guarantee these one hundred and sixteen pages will keep you busy for a minute.

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